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LaserFiche - Client
There is a gap on the gap SSL Version 2 and 3 Protocol Detection
We are not able to make testing with scan
A problem with a user 's hardware where the process of browsing the folder tree of the system is slow with Flag this problem with only one user
Scanned documents not being transferred to repository.
After viewing the scanned documents, we see the below "DEMO"​
LaserFiche - Server
The service is going down frequently We are not able to make testing
Could not open the service control manager: Access is denied. (0×00000005)
LaserFiche - web access
I'm trying to access an account (ADMIN), and I could not sign in. (9030)
There is sometimes a delay in saving the transaction and sometimes deleting it in the archive management Employee
Add and modify signature
"LF_Conn_Open(): The user login or password is incorrect"
We need to stop “Return to folder” link for all user, so when user open attach cannot see other documents
LaserFiche - Workflow
LaserFiche – Web Service
We are having a problem with the Web Service that provides us with files from LaserFich Where after you fill in the required variables, you receive the following error message (0x80004002 )
Network Scanner
System Features
WebIODocs Features
User Manual
LaserFiche User Manual Arabic Version (V10)