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Frequently Asked Questions

We are having a problem with the Web Service that provides us with files from LaserFich Where after you fill in the required variables, you receive the following error message (0x80004002 )
Last Updated a year ago

Status: There is no problem exporting documents.

Problem: The problem that was caused by supplying the Web.Services folder number and not a document number in the data. This is the error, since Web.Services only exports the documents.
Steps to extract document numbers in an easy way in 3 minutes:
1- Entry on a laserfiche system.
2. Go to the search screen.
3. Choose the indexing template bound to the documents to be moved, and then press the Search button so that the result appears for all documents.
4- Export the result in Excel format.
5. Use the document numbers in the Excel file to pass Web.Services in order to export images to documents.